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Easy Self-Employment Ideas

Stephen Rampur
With these easy self-employment ideas, you can be your own boss as well as earn a decent income. Read next to learn more about them.
Starting a business on a small-scale is the best option if you are looking to make it big on your own. The best thing about being self-employed is that you do not have to report to any boss and take his orders.
There are many options available today to start your own venture. If you are successful in implementing your business plan, the income potential is likely to be much higher than what you would have earned through working for another employer.
It also provides you an opportunity to put your creativity and management skills into practice to earn a living. Here are some of the popular options to start your own business.


If you have the eye for a good shot, this can be the best option to do what you like and also make good money. You will need a good quality DSLR (Digital single-lens reflex) camera and require to undergo a professional training to harness your raw skills.
It is important to create a professional looking portfolio of your work and share it with prospective clients and others who can help you to publicize your work.
Initially, it may also be a good idea to take up projects for free just to gain experience and good will.


If you would like to get into the food industry, a meal catering service is hugely in demand. One can target corporates, parties, weddings, or even the people who do not have the time to cook a meal. This can also be a stepping stone to starting your own outlet.

Day Care

A day care center can prove to be a beneficial earning opportunity, especially for women. It involves taking care of the children when their parents are working and providing them with the facilities to constructively utilize that time to learn a skill.
It requires being comfortable with children and tending to their needs. This business can be started even from your home with very little investment.

Car Wash

This is one of the best self-employment ideas with low startup capital. With simple equipment and a rented space, you can offer car wash services in your locality. You can also add services like polishing, painting, repairing, etc., as the business expands.


If you have a liking for taking care of plants and maintaining the garden, you can use this interest to earn some money.
There is a need for people who can offer lawn mowing, gardening, and landscaping services.

Online Earning Opportunities

There are plenty of online earning opportunities available out there in the market. One option is to launch your own website with informative content, for which you can get paid for putting advertisements of products.
Data entry and form filling are especially suitable for homemakers. There are companies who provide conversion projects for turning paper data into soft copy using software. Other alternatives include getting paid for reading emails, taking surveys, blogging, etc.

Content Writing

Those having a knack for writing can start off with writing informative articles for online data portals. You can charge a fee per article or based on the number of words. This job provides you with a lot of flexibility as you can work-from-home and at your own pace.
One can also hire content writers to work under them, and take up larger projects or enter into a revenue-sharing model with a website.

Event Planning

This is a hugely popular business idea for women. You get to plan all the activities related to an event, whether it is a corporate function or a wedding.
You should be good at planning, budgeting, and coordinating with the suppliers and clients.
Interior designing, fitness training, and running a spa or salon are some other popular ideas for self-employment.