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The Future of E-commerce

Swapnil Srivastava
E-commerce has certainly made our lives more comfortable by providing a hassle-free procedure to choose from a huge variety of desired products. In the near future, the benefits one will be able to derive from it are expected to increase with technological advancements.
The Internet has proved to be beneficial to mankind in the last five years, by providing all kinds of products and services at the click of a button. Whether one wants to book air tickets, or buy a pair of denims, the Internet is a single gateway for everything.
E-commerce is a powerful tool provided by the world wide web that makes transactions possible, without any actual hand-to-hand transfer of money. Since a lot of people are virtually imprisoned by work and household activities, Internet and e-shopping save a lot of time and provide them with an opportunity to choose goods at best prices.
With rapidly growing technologies and constantly improving protocols, here are a few features one can expect from e-commerce in the near future.
The biggest advantage of buying clothes by visiting a brand outlet or regular shop is that one can get the best fitting apparel by multiple trials. In a trial room, he can wear it and check out in front of the mirror, whether or not the apparel fits him and suits his personality.
Virtual Dressing Rooms
It gets hard to find good fitting clothes, while shopping online through various e-commerce sites. This problem can be solved with the implementation of new technologies, which will enable the user to choose a 3D-animated figure of his built, and try the chosen dresses on it. It will also provide flexibility and variety over one's choice.
Supply chain process is the system of different organizations, people, technologies, activities, and resources, which is involved in moving a product or service from the supplier to the customer. It involves everything, right from purchase of raw products to the dispatch of finished goods.
Improved Supply Chain Process
In the near future, e-commerce will be able to facilitate the supply chain process, which in turn, will make the transactions easier for the end customers.
Sharing of Product Lists and More Choices
It is possible to clip one's choices on the Internet and make a list for easier accessibility and payment options. Such lists can be shared by many users, and the products can be discussed online, in order to find the best possible deals.
With advancement in web-based services, it will be possible to offer a provision of shareable lists to the people who want to use them. Also the customization options will only ease the process.
Easier Transactions and Better Delivery Options
There are a lot of future innovations coming up, which can really make online shopping a better experience. The features offered may include fast night-time deliveries, ability to pick-up products from multiple drop-off points with proper communication and return them.
The shipment charges may also decrease, with more vendors and franchisees coming ahead to cater to the needs of customers. All these features have made their presence felt and in near future will only get better.
Secured Transactions
While making online payments, one is always worried about the security threats imposed by hackers and various non-social elements. A payment gateway provides a mechanism, which sends credit card information from merchant account to the bank for making payments.
For the security of these transactions, there is Secured Socket Layer (SSL) protocol, which enables encrypted, authenticated communications across the Internet. With time and improved network security software, the protocols and procedures will definitely improve, providing a secure and richer and dynamic shopping experience to customers.
With the increasing popularity of e-shopping, in the near future, e-commerce will surely become a notion, absolutely inseparable from the concept of the world wide web.