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Create an Online Company Magazine

Manali Oak
Start an online magazine of your company with Web Stories as its content format. Wondering how to get started? Here's an easy way.
A company magazine helps you build a community of your customers and stakeholders and can be used to represent your vision as a business and give your company a voice in the industry. It’s often a platform where employees share their experiences and record fun events and achievements of your organization.
Getting the magazine online is surely better than having it in printed form as there is a wider user base online; and the hassles of printing and circulating hard copies are saved.
Now you may be thinking about the long process of getting a website designed, developed and set up, which may lead you to discard the idea of an online company magazine but hold on, for there is a hassle-free way out.
Visual Stories gives you a no-code solution to start an online magazine for your company, on the company’s website without affecting its existing architecture. Your name and logo will be used in the magazine.
The online magazine will be a Progressive Web App (PWA), i.e., a website as well as an app. It will be optimized for speed, mobile and search engine rankings and receive automatic feature updates. You won’t have to worry about its hosting, setup and maintenance.
Moreover, Web Stories, like the one you are reading, will be the content format of your company magazine. Web Stories load speedily, are mobile-focused, immersive and user-first.
To create Stories for your magazine, you will get access to the Visual Story Builder, a WYSIWYG Web Story creation tool with a media library of music and millions of images to add to your Stories.
Employees or even customers and other stakeholders will be able to join as contributors to the magazine. You will be able to add some team members within the organization in editorial roles, so that the content quality of your company magazine is monitored.
Multiple members will be able to create Stories about your company goals, your company’s vision, the products and services and Stories that unify your brand and help you communicate your philosophy with the stakeholders.
Contributors will also be able to upload media and create photo and video Stories about cultural events, team activities and treasure memories of your company’s journey.
Thus, you can see that creating content will be easy. You will be able to exercise quality control on the content. Moreover, being visually engaging, the magazine content will attract more readers and help you expand your visibility.
So without waiting any further, start an online company magazine of your company. Harnessing the latest technology (PWA) and the futuristic content format (Web Stories), this magazine will make your online presence more special.
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