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Coworking Space for Startups: Pros and Cons

Swathi Sinha
Renting a private office can be costly for a start-up so that coworking spaces are becoming popular day-by-day. Coworking spaces are not only cheaper, but all the required amenities are well-equipped and come with more flexible lease arrangements. Read more about the pros and cons of start-up coworking space.
Over the past few years, the path of startups has been broadened by economic development. Renting a private office can be expensive for a start-up so that coworking spaces become popular day after day. Coworking spaces are not only less costly, but all the required facilities are well-equipped and come with more flexible lease arrangements.
In other words, both community and affordability are offered by coworking spaces.However, due to a lack of privacy, any work arrangement must be carefully considered when using a shared space. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of the coworking offices you need to know before choosing your own coworking space.

Benefits of Coworking Space

Opportunity to Collaborate

People from different fields share the same office in coworking spaces, making collaboration easier. Besides that, in networking events and social gatherings, you will have a lot of opportunities to make valuable connections.
Therefore, just by sitting on their own desk, one can meet a potential business partner or shareholder to develop their company. Not only do these advantages boost your awareness, but they can also open up new avenues of success.

Low-Maintenance Space

You don't have to worry about setting up your furniture or setting up a printer while moving to a new office because coworking spaces are already well-equipped with all that stuff. Many coworking spaces even provide snacks and mail services.
In addition, coworking spaces take care of the administrative burden, such as paying for internet and ordering office supplies, so you can begin to work without any problems. If you are searching for a suitable coworking space, The Venture Studios in HSR Layout, Bangalore is the best choice.

Disadvantages of Using Coworking Space

Less Privacy

One of the coworking space's biggest disadvantages is the lack of privacy. The coworking space structures are more collaborative and the open-spaced spaces can also be confusing and noisy. Also, if your business requires you to make a lot of calls during office hours, then make sure the office offers private telephone booths to keep you confidential.

Work Hours

When you're building a startup or a freelancer who doesn't like working in fixed hours, then coworking space is not a wise option for you as they're usually open from 9 to 5.
Some people think, however, that working from home makes them feel like they're losing the balance between work and life, so this might be a benefit to them. While a business requires flexible working hours, it needs to be open on the working days as well as the office.
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