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Corporate Giving: How Your Business Can Raise Money for Charity

Stacy Tolkin
Raising money for charity is a great way for businesses to not only contribute to our wider society, but also to help their own businesses' marketing strategy and brand recognition as well. Here's how your business can start raising money for charity!

Corporate Fundraising

Corporate fundraising is a great way for businesses to raise the vital funds that profit organisations need. It is also a wonderful excuse to have a little bit of fun as well!

Fundraising Ideas

There are so many great fundraising ideas! Here are just a few that your company could get involved with: 
  • Cake Sale
  • Fancy Dress Days
  • Group Cycles
  • Running For Charity
  • Second Hand Clothes Sale
  • Raffles
  • Guessing Games
  • Charity Walks
  • Bingo Night

Charity Events

Organising your own charity event is another way to have some fun while raising money for good causes. This is especially good for businesses, who get to encourage their employees to have a bit of fun while also raising money for good causes! Not to mention the positive PR as well!

Some Charity Event Ideas

Here are some great charity events to get involved in:
  • Charity Gallas
  • A Fun Run
  • Comedy Nights
  • Lunches
Top Tip: Utilise your business niche to plan an event. If you own a pub then hold a charity live music night. If you sell cycling gear then hold a charity bike ride. If you have a business online then start a hashtag and challenge on Twitter!

Online Giving

If you own a business online then there are still ways that don't involve people being physically present! This is a great way to build a positive brand image as well as helping to raise vital funds for not for profit organisations!

Online Giving Examples

Charity Polls

My Favourite Voucher Codes holds a charity poll every month that sees 20% of its profits donated to the winning charity. This is a great way to get some traffic to an online business while raising money for good causes!

Sponsoring a Charity

There are so many charities that need support that it is not hard to find one to sponsor. This is a great way to give while also gaining exposure on the web!

Starting Hashtags and Challenges

Starting online hashtags and challenges are a great way to get your business name out there while also helping good causes! The ice bucket challenge is one such example of this!

Matched Giving

Matched giving is where your company encourages employee fundraising and promises to match whatever they raise! This is a surefire way to boost your employees' motivation while helping to raise money for good causes and getting some exposure on the web!

Rounding Up

There are so many great ways businesses can start raising money for those who really need it. The opportunities are fun, creative and mutually beneficial. Not only can corporate giving allow your business to give, but it will also contribute to a positive company ethos and great marketing opportunities too!

Happy Giving!