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Core Values of a Company

Stephen Rampur
The core values of a company play a very important part in establishing it as a business in today's competitive market. This story provides some information on how one should create core values for a company, and why they are so very necessary.

If there are no common values, there can be no image of the future.

―Robert Bundy.
In simple terms, core values are set conceptions that you decide to follow in your life or in a business. They give an understanding to other entities around you about your way of thinking and living. Core values can be used in our daily lives, for living a clean and transparent life, and coordinating with other people. Nowadays, core values are the most crucial aspects of any successful business, as they contribute a lot in the growth of a company.

What are Core Values of a Company?

Core values are the very significant components of the identity of any business. They are specialized standards set by a company regarding the method of its functioning, decision making, problem solving, and customer service.
The main aim of any company is to attract profit, which can easily be done if clients and customers are impressed by the satisfaction provided to them from the services
. And for letting the clients know about the quality of the business, core values of a company essentially have to be set. Along with giving the business a unique identity, it also helps in other purposes, which are discussed in the following.

Why Have Them?

There are many advantages that core values bring. The primary benefit is that they let clients and potential consumers know what the company is all about, and clarifies its identity.
Core values are points to be considered for maintaining proper corporate relations with the media, customers, public, and other business entities. They also aid companies in decision-making processes.
If a company has to take an important decision, it adheres to and considers its core values, after which, it goes ahead with the appropriate decision. Core values play an important role in other entities about the goals and motives of the company. In business terms, core values are the rules, regulations, and guidelines that are to be considered for the smooth running of the business.

How Should You Create Them?

Creating core values is the most significant process in strategic planning. There are some companies who did not give much importance to setting up their own values, and as a result, they stand nowhere in the business world of today. The values are to be created by first determining all possible positive points of the company, and then realizing how these points can be used for the betterment of the services rendered.
A core value can be anything that the company is best in, such as commitment to providing maximum customer service and satisfaction. Give out the best for the betterment of the processes in the organization, and make way for new values for running the company smoothly. The need is to choose those as per the kind of industry one are operating in.


  • Customer Service and Satisfaction
  • Quality of Services
  • Integrity
  • Contribution to Career Growth
  • Excellence
  • Creativity
  • Adherence to Deadlines and Deliverables
Remember that for making a business stand out in the competitive market and leading it to success, one should create core values that would speak out in accordance with the quality of services the company provides.