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Coffee Vending Machine Business

Shashank Nakate
The usefulness of a coffee vending machine as a business tool can be harnessed in a better manner with prior planning and its accurate implementation. The tricks and tips which help in running a successful coffee vending machine business are presented here.
Success of business like coffee vending machine, largely depends on the location you choose. There are many other factors which have an influence on this type of business. It is said that a vending machines business helps earn passive income.
However, the truth is that the owner of vending machine has to share his profit with utility companies, landlords, etc. One can still think of making this business profitable with proper management and by thinking out-of-the-box. Let us find more details about coffee vending machines for businesses through the following paragraphs.

Facts about Coffee Vending Machine Business

This business requires proper planning and implementation of these plans to become successful. The different tricks and tips that one can make use of, in order to make this business profitable, are presented here.

Lesser Competition

Coffee vending machines need to be placed at locations that are populated. However, competition is a factor which hampers the business to a great extent. A simple tip experts in this field offer is that people should find your vending machine when they really need it.
There is not point placing your vending machine in a place already crowded with machines of competitors. It means that you have to gauge the demand/need for vending machine in a populated area that doesn't have one.


To run a business successfully, it is necessary that you constantly keep yourselves updated about what is going on in the market. New types of machines based on development of technology are brought into the market. An alert businessman would keep and eye on such developments and check the commercial viability of these new products.

Avoiding Malls

It is better to avoid placing coffee machines in malls. The taxes and other expenses which build up as a result of placing these vending machines in malls makes this business a waste of money. The margin of profit earned is very less.
Moreover, coffee vending machines face huge competition from specialty coffee shops in malls. All these factors prove that malls, though attract a good amount of foot traffic, are not suited for this business.

Monitoring the Stocks

A vending machine that is short of supply creates negative impact on the business. It is necessary to monitor the stocks closely and refill the vending machine in a timely manner.
It is advisable to have a person (near the location of vending machine) to intimate you about the refill. Carrying out the refill work should become much easier with such an arrangement.


It is the common factor similar to all businesses that are successful. People would not come to your coffee vending machine the second time if you serve them with an average quality beverage. The quality of cups is equally important as the quality of coffee. In short, providing the customers with good value for money is necessary.

Consulting Experienced Businessmen

Taking the advice of experienced businessmen in this field always proves to be useful. Knowing the roadblocks and problems in this business beforehand should help in avoiding mistakes. The vending machine business is advertised in a manner that would fool us unto thinking that it is a passive source of income.
There are many people who make false claims about the vending machine business to be a source of passive income. The truth is that this business does not offer easy money and one has to work as much as in any other business.
One should always be on a look out for new ideas which help in making the coffee machine business profitable. As stated earlier, consulting the experienced businessmen in this field is important from the point of avoiding mistakes. One should therefore, undertake the coffee vending machine business just like any other business activity.