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How to Write Business Thank You Notes

Manali Oak
Business thank you notes are a way of expressing your gratitude towards those in your business or work relations. Here are some tips on how to write them the right way.
A thank you note is the means to express gratitude for a favor or help offered by someone. Thank you notes, if worded rightly, can convey your gratitude in an appropriate way to the recipient.
Thanking people in your business circle is important as far as your work relations are concerned. Thank you notes are a part of business ethics because they are about building and maintaining good business relations.

Tips on Writing Them

Business thank you notes need to be formal and consistent with the corporate culture. The address made in the note depends on your relations with the recipient. If you have been associated with him for a long time, you can give the thank you note, a personal touch. But otherwise, it's better to be strictly formal in addressing the recipient.
Preferably, use your letterhead to type or write the note. Handwritten notes look original and the words appear heartfelt. Typing them out gives them a more formal touch. In case the recipient does not know you personally, attach your business card to it. Make sure you address the letter to the recipient with his name and designation.
Describe the intent of writing in the first few lines of the business thank you note. Explain what the note is about. Make a reference to the work completed or the favor the recipient has done for you.
The main content of the thank you note should describe the reason for thanking. Say that you are grateful for his help. Express how his contribution to the work helped you achieve your target or meet your goal or how it eased your work. Write about how useful his share in the work was.
Make the thank you note appear to be a true expression of your sincere feelings. Make it sound like something expressed from the bottom of your heart.
  • You may be thanking a person for helping you in the initial days of your business.
  • You could be thanking someone for getting a project done on time.
  • You could be thanking an employee for staying late for work or going that extra mile to complete the work.
  • Your business thank you note could be in appreciation of commendable work done by someone in your business relations.
  • You could be addressing your thank you note to a customer for purchasing and appreciating your company product.
There are many occasions in your professional life when you might need to word a thank you note. It could be for customer response or for a favor offered to you by your boss. It could be a note to your subordinates or colleagues for their support in your business.
On any of the possible occasions of thanking someone in business or at work, one of the best options is a business thank you note.
Various templates available online, give you artistic yet easy ways to create thank you notes. There are software available to help you format thank you cards. You could choose to buy ready-made cards or make your own.
Overdoing anything spoils its soulfulness. So keep it simple and sweet. Remember, gratitude needs to be expressed at the right time. So, ensure that your business thank you note reaches the intended recipient on time. If it's a well-worded one, it is sure to make him remember you for your gratefulness.