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Business Networking Ideas

Rujuta Borkar
Starting a new business and need some networking ideas for the same? In this following article we will look through some of these ways in which business networking can be carried through well enough.
The term networking has gained a lot of importance in the recent time. Networking, as in building a network. Ask any business entrepreneurs and they'll tell you just how important networking is for any professional business venture.
In simple terms, networking is the process of building relationships with other business establishments with the purpose of having a base which can be tapped into for increasing ones revenue and bringing about profit. That is the basic purpose of networking.
The way in which this works is that it allows one to have maximum visibility in the business world. Along with that, it also builds extensive contacts which can be easily used to make a better business deal.
Networking is a mutual contract formed between two professional ventures and not simply a business deal focused towards targeting a single party. Networking allows for varied business groups to exchange varied business ideas, skills and information, which can help in the growth and development of both business ventures.
Given the importance of networking in the professional world, it is imperative that professionals learn certain networking tips and ideas in order for their business to flourish and prosper. In this following section we will go through the ways by which to carry through business networking and thereby profit your business.

Small Business Networking Ideas

Effective business networking is not about merely exchanging cards, it is more so about building relationships. And building relationships is never an easy task. Therefore there have to be certain factors brought into action. Let us look through the varied ideas for business networking that will help in building a symbiotic business network.

Beyond Cards and Conversations

The first mistake that most professionals make is that they feel that a mere exchanging of cards is going to get them the needed business. Wrong. There is no guarantee that a card and a fleeting conversation is going to be enough for the client to remember you. A card might be lost and the conversation forgotten.
That is why the focus should be on having a conversation of such a nature that the client remembers it and thereby thinks of you when the next business opportunity presents itself.

Determining Potential Clients

The key is to make it about them. Instead of relating what your business is all about and what you do, the focus should be on them.
There are two advantages of this - One, it allows for you to understand exactly what their business is all about and thereby determine right in the beginning whether they can help, and two, when you make it about them, they remember you better.
What exactly should you ask them? Everything. What their business is all about, what are the problems that they face in their business and their contact information.

Follow-Up and Stay in Touch

So say you made a good impression and the client really liked you. You were able to help him by providing a solution and you promised to stay in touch. Don't wait for him to contact you. You contact him. And we don't necessarily mean contacting him over the phone and chatting. We mean being in touch so he does not forget all about you.
This can be done by employing a number of methods like mailing them regularly about your new products, sending over your company's in-house magazine that discusses varied business issues or similar.

In Giving Speeches

While mailing and sending over magazines is one way of looking at things, the other way is to establish yourself as an expert in the industry.
How can that be done? Of all the years of experience that you've gathered, make a speech about the same that concentrates on several tips, skills and experience - something that is witty and will help the others connect as well as draw something positive from.
This will elevate your position and credibility as a business professional and will allow people to approach you for advice and more.


This newest addition in the world of the Internet is one of the most effective tactics that you can take up. Blogging allows you a platform like nothing else can. You can not only write your own views and post them there, but you can also link several other articles that you'd want to get across.
You can promote new business ideas and ask for opinions and feedback. In that way, the people who read your blog know exactly what you are and what your ideas include. Other than that, making use of social networking sites can also be used in much the same way.
Over time you will realize the positive effects that these methods have on a business and how they prove to be much more effective than a mere exchanging of cards. All the best.