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Business Ideas for Kids

Stephen Rampur
There are many small business ideas for kids, which they can use to earn some extra pocket money. Some of these ideas are enlisted here.
Business activities for kids are much more than simply methods of earning some cash. They contribute to kids' development of problem-solving skills, social and communication skills, financial responsibility, self-confidence, and other skills, which would be beneficial when they grow up.
There are several easy business ideas for kids, which can be used for starting a remunerative, as well as interesting, business activity. Children can take up simple business activities according to their capability to handle work.

Lawn Cleaning and Outdoor Services

Outdoor jobs are a great option for kids who do not like monotonous work. During the spring season, this job normally includes pulling weeds, tilling, sowing, and planting.
In the autumn season, this work comprises gathering leaves and putting down mulch, whereas during winter, it may include shoveling snow. With some number stencils, a can of bright-colored paint, and a brush, kids may provide door-to-door services in painting house numbers on drives.

Errand and Assisting Services

Kids can opt for providing a general errand service, such as picking up groceries or posting letters in the post office. They can also choose to work as party assistants or garage-sale assistants, or any similar profile.
The services which are expected from such small jobs are needed largely in event planning. Kids can certainly get a lot of experience regarding talking to people, and organizing things properly.

Car Wash

This is the best alternative for children with a lot of energy and willingness to earn money, but with no desire for planning. The things they would require is access to a parking lot, sufficient water, car soap, sponges, etc. For attracting customers, they can distribute handbills in their locality. This is a great way for making some good pocket money.

Pet Sitting

The loving behavior of children with pets can be used for starting a pet sitting business. This is a great business, especially in summer time when people are away from home on a vacation and do not prefer to take their pets along or put them in a kennel.
Kids have the option of starting this business which includes feeding, walking, washing, and grooming dogs and similar pets, or feeding and taking care of fish.

Arts and Crafts

If your kids are good at arts and craft, they can opt for selling their work. They can arrange for a stand in a busy area or ask around at smaller craft shops to determine if there is any possibility to sell their finished crafts on consignment.
If kids are experts in making crafts, they can make products that are more likely to sell, like beaded jewelry, handmade greeting cards, candles, soap, etc.

Golf Caddie

If you stay near a golf course, and your kids are interested in golf, they can get in touch with the club administration department to check if they can work as caddies. This work involves a lot of physical stress, so ensure that your kids are capable to handle it.

Creating Presentations on the Internet

The internet technology is the best way to make easy and fast money. Creating online presentations is one of the most considered online business ideas for kids.
There are many children nowadays who create online presentations which can be used by other school students and even small businesses. Kids can become virtual assistants by offering such facilities.

Online Research

Most of the online marketing professionals do not have time to research new content for their websites. If children are knowledgeable enough and well-versed in using the web, they can use their free time to conduct such online research and get paid on an hourly basis.
It is a very good idea for parents to set up a website which offers all types of services that are provided by their children.
There are may other alternatives such as starting a lunch delivery service and gift box service, or arranging puppet shows, clown acts and face painting, or looking for sponsorship. It is suggested to encourage kids to search for jobs at an early age so that they get a good exposure to the business world and can use their experience in future endeavors.