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Tips to Get Better ROI on Websites

Roy D'Silva
Here, are some tips to get a better return on investments (ROI) on websites.
ROI, or returns-on-investments, depend on many factors. Big corporates do not have to worry on any material ROI, because their websites have an inbuilt ROI. The mere presence of a company on the Internet highway assures them of accessibility, communication and therefore, business.
However, other smaller companies and individuals must consider their websites as a business investment, and therefore think of ways of getting a site ROI.
While there are many do's that are logical for getting a better ROI, there are a few don'ts which are seldom followed by webmasters - one of them being good graphics layout. A good graphic layout is essential because forming a first impression is very important.
The working or programming of a website will not matter as much as the look and feel. If the graphic is eye-pleasing and user-friendly, users will spend more time on the website.
Along with this, the webmasters should consider which market their website is targeting, and should create a layout which would interest and please that market.
For example, a website about music and musical instruments can have a music-centric layout, whereas the one about comics and comics character, can have the entire layout created in comic strip format, and so on and so forth.
The background colors and the font colors also matter a lot, in the layout. Simply put, the entire layout, from the colors to the font, should give an immediate and brief information about its genre, or more importantly which product it caters to.
Other than that, proper care should be taken about the flexibility and accessibility of the website. Webmasters should ensure that all links are working. Dead links do not bode well, and it creates an impression that the website is not updated regularly, and may have old data or information in it.
A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page is also of utmost necessity, as is a 'Contact Us' page. The Contact Us page should contain any and every offline and online contact information needed to conduct business.
Websites can be compared to their traditional cousins, television programs, in more ways than one. Both earn money only through the advertisements inserted via breaks. But too many or tasteless advertisements mar the entertainment and information value, of both the television programs as well as the websites.
One good way of getting a better ROI is by creating traffic for the website. Genuine traffic can be created with the help of Search Engine Optimization, better known as SEO. Nowadays, most of the information is searched through the internet, and therefore the websites are a rip-roaring business.
Having SEO centric content, ensures that the website makes at least to the top ten or top five of the search pages. A good SEO can even make the website appear on the top of all searches.