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Best Self Employed Jobs

Charlie S
Being self employed has its own set of advantages. However, a person should be aware of the different self employment careers to make concentrated efforts and set up his venture successfully. Here are some of the best self employed jobs which you can try.
Whether you should look out for the self-employed job ideas or accept a job depends on your personal liking, qualities, temperament, and business sense.
The following are the qualities which one must have to excel in a business venture:
  • Understand business model and market
  • Understand client or customer needs
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills
  • People management skills
  • Ability to manage finances well
  • Hardworking ability and willingness to travel and learn
  • A never say die attitude
If you think that you have the mentioned qualities in you, then go through the following best self-employed jobs.

Options for Self Employment

Financial Adviser

The need of financial advisers is rising greatly these days because more and more people want effective solutions for managing their wealth. Financial advisers, who often need a license from state authorities to practice, advise people on how to manage stock portfolio, investing in properties, bonds, and mutual funds.
Financial advisers work for individuals as well as companies, and the more the number of high-profile clients, better would be their earning.

Freelance Technical Writing

Freelance technical writing would be one of the top self employment jobs. Technical writers prepare information manuals and brochures for their clients, as these manuals help the people buying the products understand its functioning.
As a freelance technical writer, you can get contracts from companies belonging to the electronics sector, information technology sector, education sector, and the financial services sector. The more established your firm is, the more you can charge for your services.

Automobile Service Center

An automobile service center would certainly be one of the best self-employed jobs, considering the boom in the auto market. Every vehicle which comes on the road needs timely and proper servicing to ensure that it performs well.
This business can be extremely profitable if you have knowledge of the auto industry and have worked in it before.

Software Solutions Provider

Computers have created a revolution in our society and have changed the way of doing business. Computer software helps firms to reduce the time to complete jobs and do it more accurately.
Preparing, developing and testing a software is not an easy task and hence most corporations prefer software companies to get the software solutions. So, if you have good IT skills, then you can start a software services and consulting firm to take advantage of the growth in the IT industry.

Retail and Corporate Broking

Stock broking is one of the best self-employed jobs to do for those interested in the financial services sector. As a stock broker, you can have two options - retail broking and corporate broking.
In retail broking, you cater to your retail or individual clients, whereas in corporate or institutional broking, you provide broking services to large funds, companies and wealthy individuals and foreign investors.
These were some of the best self employment job ideas that can help you earn good money. Getting success in these best self-employed jobs requires a lot of dedication and effort from your side. You should not expect overnight results, and learn from your mistakes to achieve your goals. All the best for your career!