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Benefits of Intranet to Business

Asmii Vernekar
Intranet, popularly known as a private edition of the Internet, is used by various corporate organizations. Business organizations benefit from this technology in various ways. Let us take a closer look at the intranet benefits.

What is Intranet?

Intranet is a private computer network based on the Internet that can be accessed by the employees of an organization. An Intranet provides easy access to internal files and documents to the various employees of the organization, from their individual workstations.
Sharing of data, made possible through the Intranet, not only helps in saving time of employees, but also allows employees from various levels to access data. It also contributes to a paperless office.

Benefits of Intranet

Today's most modern businesses are adopting intranet technology due its competitive advantages in dealing with the corporate information essential for any business.


Intranet is extremely beneficial for communication and collaboration between the employees for successful functioning of any business organization.
Intranet provides this to businesses in the form of tools like discussion groups, Intranet forms, and bulletin boards. Intranet tools help in conveying and distributing necessary information or documents among the employees of an organization.
This results in easy communication and sound relationship between the employees and top-level management. Today, many business houses working on projects use intranet tools, discussion forms, chats, emails, electronic bulletin boards, etc. that helps in communication between different departments of an organization.

Time Saving

Every business knows the importance and value of time. Intranet technology allows to distribute valuable information among the employees in a quick and efficient manner. Intranet saves time by interactivity, i.e employees can access information at a relevant time that suit them, rather than sending and waiting for email and email replies.


Intranet technology provides fast information to employees and helps to perform their various tasks with responsibility. An employee can access any data from any database of the organization without wastage of time. Employees working on projects can collaborate easily, ensuring better and faster results.

Reduce Costs

An important benefit of Intranet is that it's cost-effective. This can be attributed to the fact that it's paperless. As Intranet supports online publishing, it definitely cuts down the printing and distribution cost.
All the documents of the company can be published through Intranet using web pages, as compared to spending money on printing documents. The information can be accessed from the respective workstations of the employees thus reduces costs for administrative and operational purposes.

Rich in Format

Intranet allows employees to view documents in various rich format applications as well as video and audio. Multimedia programs can be used with intranet as well, allows better communication and information to be shared quickly.

Incorporated and Distributed Computing Environment

Intranet supports an active distribution of stored information through different types of operating systems and computer types, from which the employees can access information. Intranet results in distributing information at a low cost due to the web architecture feature of intranet.

Increases Collaboration

As intranet allows all employees to access data, this helps build team work activities within the organization. Also certain contents of intranet like declaration section, help desk, FAQ, handbook of employee, etc., aids in collaboration among the employees.


Intranet technology is well suited for presenting different types of e-learning content in various formats to the employees. Also Intranet allows to conduct induction programmes.

Increased security

Since Intranet is a private network, the information is shared among employees through firewalls. Hence Intranet provides increased internal security.
Apart from all these benefits, Intranet also promotes equal corporate culture in information viewing. Intranet helps in maintaining good communication between different departments and also facilitates an immediate updation of operations. It provides teleconferencing software for interactive communication within the organization.
Implementing Intranet in a business organization helps save significant time and money in the long run. Truly a boon to all business organizations, the benefits of Intranet to business has made it a necessity rather than a luxury, for most organizations.