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Affiliate Marketing Business Ideas

If you want to monetise a website then take a look at these affiliate marketing business ideas!
Stacy Tolkin

Voucher Code Websites

What are They?

Voucher code sites are businesses which provide discounts to customers online. They receive a commission on any sales that are made using their platform.

How to Create a Voucher Code Site?

Creating a voucher code website can take a lot of time but if you have the determination then it can be really rewarding!

Simply set up a site, get some good traffic going to it and start approaching other businesses who may want advertising space there!

Voucher Code Site Examples

If you are thinking about setting up a voucher code site then take a look at a few that are already out there to get a feel for their business model. Here are a few voucher code sites to consider:

Online Blogging & Informational Sites

What is Blogging?

Blogs are any platform of information on the web. They often answer questions, provide information and communicate with the bloggers in their daily life.

How Can You Create a Blog?

Making a blog is relatively easy and can be done in a short amount of time. Here are a few platforms that you can use:
  • Wordpress
  • Weebly
  • Medium
  • WebStart

Blog Examples

There are so many blogs on the web, so competition is a bit tight. Take a look at some of the top blogs to get a feel for their business model:
  • LifeHacker
  • Mashable
  • LadBible

How to Make Money Blogging?

Bloggers use affiliate marketing as just one of the ways that they make money online. By promoting third party products they can make money from advertising or commission.

Review Sites

What are Review Sites?

Review sites are web spaces that review and recommend third party products.

How to Create a Review Site

Setting up a trusted review site can take a little bit of time, but you can set one up using the blog creation platforms listed earlier. Make sure that you are always fair and honest in your reviews and even invite guest reviewers to keep your site objective!

How Do They Make Money?

Reviewers are often paid to give reviews and they may even receive free products in return for a review as well.

This includes products and services (some reviewers can even get free holidays!) Again, this is third party advertising revenue.

Niche Reviewing Ideas:

Some niche review site ideas include:
  • Beauty and fashion reviews
  • Holiday reviews
  • Kids product reviews
  • Website reviews
  • Food reviews
  • Music reviews
  • Book reviews

Becoming a YouTuber

What Do People Do on YouTube?

YouTube is all about vlogging! You can create and upload videos, gain followers and, of course, advertise!

How You Can Set Up a YouTube Channel

Setting up a YouTube channel is really simple and easy. Literally anyone can do it! Simply head over to the site, sign up and start uploading videos. Getting viewers, subscribers and followers is the difficult part.

How Do YouTubers Make Money?

Making money on YouTube is simple: the more popular your channel is, the more money you can make in ad revenue.

Whether you are recommending a product or inserting ads into your video, making money on YouTube is a great way to get in on the affiliate marketing game. You just need to grow your viewers first!

Rounding Up

Affiliate Marketing Business Ideas

If you want to start making money doing affiliate marketing online then these business ideas are a great place to start.
  • Voucher code sites can give scope for large profits
  • Blogs can be a great way to share information and make money
  • YouTube allows both creativity and profits
  • Review sites can bag you freebies