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Acceptance as a Strategy for Improving Your Business

Green Clean Institute, Inc
The business world is in constant flux. Acceptance is a way of accepting new and smart facts and making them stepping stones for your business.

Run or Embrace Change

It is normal to want things to continue as they have been for years. We do not like change unless we see immediate rewards. So, I try to see if a barrier is actually a stepping stone. And the best way to discover the truth is to try the idea in a small way, or a pilot project.

Turn It Inside-Out

Keep your eyes on what is influencing your business. Take something you see as a threat to your industry and consider is as a potential asset. Turn it inside out and determine if the change may be a chance to step ahead of the competition and bring something new and better to your audience.

The Trial Run

Before going full-tilt on a big change, get some feedback. Take a small test of your idea to see if it has market appeal. Good ideas to one person may be a non-event to others. Or, locate people in your industry who will give honest feedback. Acceptance is not blind gusto. Just let the merit of any new idea prove itself before you make a big change.

Mental Gymnastics

My first impulse when I encounter a problem is to react negatively. It's a purposeful effort to abandon my initial reaction and to consider if this actually something I need to consider as worthy of consideration. Not every idea has merit and maybe stupid, but do not trust your first impulses. They are often fear-based.

90% of Ideas are Worthless

Never change your process for the sake of change. 90% of ideas are losers. 10% of your ideas have merit. 1-2% contain the genius you want to incorporate into your business. Hold out for the ideas that have genius quality.

Diamonds in the Rough

Like hunting precious stones, diamonds, and emeralds are rare, so, you're not looking for some good ideas. You are always open to the moments of genius that may not look like genius at first blush. But, the genius ideas in your future. Your success may be more about your ability to accept the challenges that might see like threats to find a diamond idea.

Success is Elusive

So, look at anything that threatens your success. Turn the idea inside out to see if there is a diamond under the crap. Test your idea with other mentors and test markets. Then, go bold into whatever you decide. Timidity is not for winners. But, if you stay open to ideas, you will find the 1% of diamond ideas.  When you launch, go big, bold, and hard.