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A Beginner's Guide to Choosing the Right Business Envelope

Richard Clayton
The choice of your business envelope can determine whether your marketing mails will get opened or trashed. The address on your envelope matters a lot too as you might already know. In the next few minutes, you’ll get tips that will help you in choosing the right envelope for your business.

Envelope Tips for Businesses

Let’s be frank. If you don’t choose the right business envelope, you’re wasting a lot of money. Getting your business envelope wrong might get your mail thrown into the dustbin before it even gets opened. That will be a wastage of postage and printing costs.
Also, if you’re relying on your mail to boost your sales, you’ll have wasted your marketing opportunity too. Unfortunately, it’s easy for business owners to make some common mistakes. This is because there are several envelopes to choose from even when you are just sending a marketing letter or a single-page pamphlet.
Taking some time to plan on the type of envelope you’ll use can help boost results significantly. Keep in mind that a business marketing envelope has two purposes: getting it opened and delivering its contents to the reader.

So what kind of envelope is right for your business? Read on and learn more.

Business Envelope with Your Company Logo

Every business should consider ordering envelopes with logo. An envelope containing a company’s brand is a must-have for all businesses. Yes, they are essential but are not “all-purpose”.
They are best because they are effective when the recipient knows the sender. While this may sound so obvious, not following this simple guideline can make it ineffective. Having said that, if you’re not writing to customers who know you, avoid using this type of envelope.
Why?  Because when the reader sees the envelope, the first decision is whether to open it or not. And if the receiver does not you, your mail is at risk of not being opened. Many receivers look at the logo and decide whether to open an envelope or not.

So your message or the offer inside runs the risk of not being opened, which can be so costly.

Direct Mail: Do I Use the Sneak-up Approach or Not

A direct mail refers to sales and marketing mail. It is used when promoting something. People expect to get a response, like an appointment or an order when they send a direct mail. It is an excellent way to get an offer from someone on your mailing list who is not a customer.
Having that it is sent to people who are not customers, it is not a good idea to include the details of your company on the envelope. Why? Because the aim of the envelope here is to get it opened. If it appears too much like an advertisement, many people might not bother to opening it.
To avoid such a scenario, consider using a “sneak-up” design. Using an envelope with the recipient’s address and the return address can be an excellent approach.

But, be sure not to address the envelope and the return address in a commercial way to make the recipient curious.

Use of Handwritten Address

If you’re sending your letter in a plain business envelope, you need to consider these four ways of adding an address:
  • Handwrite it
  • Use a printer
  • Use a label
  • Use a typewriter
Obviously, each approach will take a different amount of time. But, each of them has an impact on the reader’s perception.
If you want a more personal approach, we’d advise you to go for a hand-written address. It will make the receiver curious why they are getting a personal letter and they will open to know what’s inside. This, of course, is only practical when you are sending a small batch of targeted emails to potential high-end customers.
If sending a considerable amount of letters, consider ways to mimic a hand-written address such as using handwriting font.

Use Special Envelopes

In some cases, the best way to reach your target audience is by not using business-like envelopes. An excellent option is ordering a plain, colored envelope. Most businesses use white envelopes, so using a colored envelope will make recipients think it’s not for business purposes.
Avoiding a white envelope and using a size that many businesses don’t use will give your envelope a personal approach.

Consider Handmade Envelope

If you’re mailing to a small list, you may want to consider making the envelope.

Now, this might require more time and some crafting skills. But it is easy to make. You can just do a Google search, and you’ll get dozens of envelope templates to download. It is something you need to consider if you really need something that stands out.