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6 New Tech Tools To Drive Business Success

New technology can help your business thrive in any type of economic climate.
Kevin Gardner
Having the right tools can help your business achieve success. It can be the difference between making an on-time delivery to that big new customer or losing the contract.
Every year, new technologies emerge and improve. Therefore, businesses must stay on top of the latest updates and find the best tech for their needs. These are six tool types you should consider updating this year.

1) VPN

Virtual private networks have helped businesses provide more secure and reliable information technology services to their teams for years. If you needed to limit the access to your servers to your office network, you could let people connect into that network with a VPN. It is a powerful way to protect your digital assets.
Today, the threat of cyber attacks is greater than ever. So, VPNs are becoming popular with small businesses as well as large ones. Many businesses are also turning to more advanced VPN options with connectivity in specific jurisdictions and improved encryption.

2) Data Management

Business runs on data. Even small businesses can build large databases of information to help them make decisions about reaching their audience more effectively. However, managing the immense amount of available data is challenging. The good news is that businesses can turn to data wrangling tools.
Data wrangling involves cleaning, structuring and enriching data to make it easier to work with and interpret. Typically, this needs to be done with automated tools due to the huge size of many companies’ data. Getting on top of your data load could help you boost your business’s success.

3) Project Management

Staying organized and focused is important in the business world. Project management tools can help teams work more efficiently and communicate better. Rather than having to rely on memory and disparate communication, they can track all their effort from a centralized location.
Project management tools first gained popularity in engineering, production and technology roles but are now used throughout the business world.
Finding the right tool can be the trick to making project management work. It needs to be simple, intuitive and powerful. Many businesses are specifically seeking project management tools that work with mobile devices.

4) Expense Tracking

One of the major challenges of accounting and bookkeeping is tracking expenses. This is because many different people and teams can incur expenses whereas revenue and other transactions are usually more limited. While your sales team may be bringing in all the income, 10 different teams may be spending money.
Expense tracking tools can help make keeping everything organized easier. They help you skip the need for everyone filing expense reports. These tools mean that your people can submit their expenses much more easily and intuitively. For your bookkeepers, that means less chasing people for reports.

5) Communication

Successful business communication is an essential part of any team working together effectively. You need to improve the way your team communicates if you want it to become more productive.
Great business email, document collaboration, calendars and more are essential to your business’s success. Additionally, more and more teams are making heavy use of advanced instant-messaging tools. These provide more functionality than their clunky predecessors. They make it simple to have useful group discussions that lead to measurable results.

6) Marketing and Design

If you want to grow a successful business, you need to be able to reach your customers. Marketing is an essential part of every organization. However, for a long time, the design component has been limited to professional designers. Only they had the skills necessary to produce great marketing collateral.
Fortunately, modern tools make it easier than ever to design attractive media. For example, you could quickly put together a sales presentation or design a new brochure.
Explore what you can do with the latest technology. From staying on top of your data to improving your team communication, there is so much that you can achieve with a few simple upgrades this year.