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5 Things Artificial Intelligence Can Do for Your Company

Modern Times
Artificial intelligence (AI) is quite the buzzword these days, but what can it actually do for your company? This list showcases five ways that businesses are using AI to improve the way they operate, from sales to customer support and beyond.

Streamline Your Customer Support

One place where AI is being used more and more is in customer support. Through chatbots and an AI call center, basic troubleshooting issues can be handled automatically without needing to employ a worker to help a user look through a simple knowledge base. This helps boost worker productivity too.

Detect Security Threats

Another popular use of AI is in detecting security threats. Especially for larger businesses and enterprises, this can be incredibly important for protecting customer data, as well as website functionality. This also helps your IT department stay focused on fielding larger threats.

Predict Future Purchases

The most powerful use of AI in the business world is in E-commerce. Artificial intelligence can analyze customer purchase patterns and help predict future purchases and suggest them to customers. This can result in well-matched sales that wouldn’t have necessarily occurred were it not for AI.

Customize Promotional Materials

Your business can use AI to customize advertising materials to fit a variety of demographics. By harnessing customer data, promotions can be shown to users based on interests and buying history, improving sales conversions and increasing business’ overall return on investment.

Distribute Phone Calls More Effectively

Call centers also use AI in interesting and exciting ways. One such way is in how phone calls are routed to various agents. AI can analyze callers’ personal information, call history, and route calls to agents with the appropriate expertise and track record of solving similar problems.
As you can see, there are numerous ways that businesses can harness artificial intelligence to improve their work. From improving marketing to streamlining information technology and customer service strategies, there is plenty to gain from implementing AI in your business.