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4 Reasons Why College Is the Best Time to Start a Business

Lisa Smith
Thinking of starting a business during college? Don’t overthink it! Chances are this is the best time to become an entrepreneur. Not sure about it? Here, we’ve compiled 4 reasons why you should consider becoming a businessman in college.
College is the perfect time to dip your toe into the world of business. While you may be thinking that your schedule is already oversaturated with classes, assignments, preparing for exams, and partying, there are many reasons why this is actually the best time to look into it.
There’s no guarantee that your business will necessarily be a multimillion company from the get-go.

However, becoming an entrepreneur in college will allow you to gain financial independence, cover your loan quicker, and get valuable experience in business, which is instrumental in building a better, more prosperous company in the future.

1. Get consultations from top-tier professionals

You’ll probably be adventuring into a business that has something to do with your degree. The professors are invaluable sources of information that are central to a successful business.

They know all the ins and outs of the industry. While you’re a student, they’ll most likely give you a free consultation.
Similarly, while you’re a student, you shouldn’t shy away from requesting assistance from professionals that aren’t your teachers or mentors.

Industry professionals are interested in helping their successors. They understand that you are the future of their field of activity and they will much more likely give you a hand.
There are alumni that have “made it” in your niche or industry, who can always be a great source of business project ideas. They give talks at their Alma Maters, which provides you with the opportunity to ask them business-related questions.

If you’re looking to dive deep into the intricacies of how to do research in college, just start a business.

2. A large pool of potential clientele

While you’re in college, you always communicate with potential customers. Many very successful projects have started by catering to college students, some of them were started by students as well — Facebook is one of the most famous examples.
Yes, people are very different, but the fact they’re in college makes them share a broad set of common fears, interests, passions. There are now businesses that offer college research papers for sale, just to give you an example.
By finding a solution to the problems of your fellow students, you’ll be able to monetize it. College students want to optimize the way they found dates, this is how Tinder became a success.

College students need to optimize the way they share files with professors and among themselves — this is how Dropbox happened. Even Google was once a college startup.

3. You can afford mistakes

College is training for students to get a better understanding of “real life” mechanics. Being an entrepreneur might not be everyone’s calling, so even if you fail at starting a successful business in college, and you feel profoundly demotivated to try again, you can always simply graduate and go on with your life as a contractor in your field.
While the life of a college student isn’t necessarily easy, you’re the only person you’re responsible for. You don’t have a spouse or children who you must look after. So if you fail financially, you still have time to get back on your feet.

4. Labor is inexpensive

Any businessperson would pay a lot of money to be surrounded by young and aspiring professionals that are the future of a certain field.

If you’re looking to start a business in a particular industry, there’s no better place to source your personnel than in a college.
Similarly, working for a startup looks good in a resume, that’s why many college students will be glad to work for a small wage, just to get some first-hand experience in the field.


Being an entrepreneur is all about learning, and college is the right place for it. You have access to a large pool of professionals that are passionate and educated according to the latest standards in the field.
You can afford to make occasional mistakes, because you’re the only person you’re responsible for, and you can always get a consultation with the leading professionals in the field, which also happen to be your professors.